KYOCERA SENCO Netherlands specializes in fastening solutions and focuses on the development of innovative tools, fasteners and accessories. With five strong brands – SENCO, Expandet, InterDiamant, TyTecker, Muro – customer expectations are satisfied and often exceeded with products that meet the highest standards and approvals. The company offers a wide range of power fastening systems, anchoring products, diamond cutting tools and industry specific solutions.

Next to the main brands – Senco, Expandet, InterDiamant – Kyocera Senco Netherlands also provides the market with different Smart Solutions: Senco Smart Solutions, Smart Inventory Management (SiM) and Expandet Calculation Software (ECS). For more information about the Smart Solutions please take a look at the Smart solutions section of the website.

Our brands

Our solutions


SIM  (Smart Inventory Management) is a simple and flexible stock control management system that helps organize and optimize the internal supply and ordering process. It offers a wide range of solutions and can be deployed at different levels in the organization (warehouse,
supermarket and production line). By using the SIM system, the error rate during the ordering process is drastically reduced, stock shortages are prevented and the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) can be reduced significantly.

Anchor Calculation Software

The Expandet Calculation Software (ECS) is a highly advanced 3D anchor calculation software, developed to meet the requirements of the contemporary modern professionals and non-experienced users, working with anchoring systems. By simply inserting the key data details the program automatically provides the user with a range of validated anchors. The ECS software can be downloaded free of charge to help you choose the correct fastening product.

Smart Solutions

With SENCO’s innovative Smart Solutions the production process can be simplified and at the same time improved in terms of accuracy, quality, speed and operator safety. These tooling solutions are used in combination with SENCO XP hand tools and are available in three different versions meeting the demands of different production conditions. The three different versions of the Smart Solutions are the Smart BoardFixer, Smart BoardMaster and the Smart Bridge.